Burntphotos Productions is a mix of passions created by Amelia Williams.  Fashion has been the forefront of her background, yet she has always wanted a hand in shining a light on social issues in America. To find fulfillment in both arenas she went on to create a production company that covers much ground. 


Having worked in fashion for 10+ years we are available to take on different projects in the fashion and lifestyle world to consult and assist with branding, marketing, copy-writing, content production and design work.


On the other side of the pendulum our main objective is to shift focus to all the others around the world through story-telling and visual content.  We want to highlight communities such as mixed race and black culture, LGBTQ+, mental health and many more who we feel are consistently overlooked. Raw, real and honest, our goal is to have our subjects express themselves freely in their authentic voices speaking on their personal truths, journey's and experiences.  Burntphotos aims to ignite conversation and encourage connections by discussing issues that are often times taboo, and speak up for those who feel silenced. 

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Burntphotos Productions